Nationwide Children's Hospital


Nationwide Children's Hospital and their team of leading researchers are making huge strides towards finding a cure for DMD.  The researchers specialize in gene replacement and gene therapy treatments. Dr. Jerry Mendell, is one of the most renowned researchers and doctors in the field.  Through his leadership, knowledge, and passion, finding a cure is just around the corner.  Part of the donations to DREAM Foundation of Kentucky will help fund and expedite ongoing research for DMD at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 


On January 4, 2018,  Dr. Jerry Mendell and his team administered the first gene therapy treatment on a patient.  This marks a pivotal milestone while we wait to determine its success & impact!      

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The mission of the Center for Gene Therapy is to investigate and employ the use of gene and cell based therapeutics for prevention and treatment of human diseases including: neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases, lysosomal storage disorders, ischemia and re-perfusion injury, neonatal hypertension, cancer and infectious diseases.